Miniature: Bundt cakes, ice cream and more!

It's always good to have a break after another week of work, get surrounded by minis. Just need to escape from the reality for a little while and I'll be a happy girl again.
This has been in my file for quite a while, but I didn't find time to edit it. I kept thinking how I should presents this ice cream cones until I remember I have bought these little dessert cups before that can be used as stands for the waffle cones.
They originally are planned for making trifles, but I haven't figure out how I shall make them yet.
I made a light box last weekend and found it very useful. This pound cake set is my first attempt in using the light box. The diffuse of light did help in brightening the photo and give a more realistic colour and shades. ( Guess I should use a pretty wrapping paper as background to give the photo more colour)
If you are having lighting problems in photography like I do, I would highly recommend you to try making a light box. It's really worthwhile.
The second attempt I made. This time I added a back drop to set up a mood.

I've uploaded more photos in my flickr account: 
Feel free to take a look at my dA gallery as well if you are interested.

Miniature: Cheesecake and brownies

Love rich and fudgey bites, that's why a decided to make them into dollhouse size so can look at them anytime (and that makes me hungry!)
Fruits are always a delightful addition to cakes and plates,
I feel happy already just by decorating using those teeny tiny berries

Speaking of brownies, they are one of the desserts that I bake well (one that I could do it and eat it over and over), another being apple pie.
 I prefer cooking in my miniature world over the real one :p