Sunday Sketch vol.1: Watercolour Floral Painting

I'm happy to announce that I have survived the first year of uni! This is a busy year but I have learned a lot about animal science and biology. It is fun to have those random facts I heard from the lectures pop up from my mind while shopping for cotton sweaters, or soaps, or eggs. (I know, it is all very random.) Now I am back home, I am excited to use this months-long summer holiday for crafting, drawing or maybe even some cooking. 

The soft, elegant and dreamy properties of watercolour have always attracted my interest. I have tried it out today and what a better way to share my process with you. Hope this will become an inspiration for you. 

First, draw the outline of the flowers with a light pencil, then fill in the space with a light wash of colour. Add another of a darker colour until the expected colour is reached. I do not have a watercolour palette so I used watercolour pencils instead.

Click here to view the step-by-step guide in full size.

Life: Currently Loving

Who can resist a planner with beautiful printed designs? I have been doing journaling for the 3rd year now and I can't wait for the year to come so I can fill up each page with notes and doodles. This will be one of my upcoming yearly projects that I am very excited about. I will reveal more about this challenge later towards the end of the year.

I have been wanting to learn watercolour for a while. While I was browsing watercolour artwork online I stumbled upon Linsey's work. This Summer Breakfast is one of my favourites, along with the succulent illustrations. 

With bergamot, rose and musk notes this scent is refreshing, clean and unique, which is worth the name Bianca. It is a shame that Tocca do not sell miniature version of this perfume. I would like to test this fragrance on my skin and see how the scent reacts with my skin and temperature.

DIY: Small Flower Arrangement

With spring around the corner, brighten your day with a whimsy arrangement of fresh flowers. It is lovely to have colourful florals that brings life to your house. You don't always have to buy them from a florist though, there are surely gems hidden in your neighbourhood among the foliages for you to discover. Take a stroll outside after dinner and look for blossoms that bloom in the season. Trust me, this is so relaxing it will be one of the most enjoyable moments of your week.

I have found flowers in different colours and texture. I have got purple, red, white and yellow flowers with board and needle shaped of leaves. Play with these elements to create an interesting arrangement. Also, try to search for plants that can stay alive for a longer period of time so you won't have to change flowers as often.

I have used a candle holder as a vase, but there are many more ways you can style it. You can use buckets, ornamental vessels, or even teacups which will certainly be cute and chic. 

Display your collected flowers in your vase half-filled with fresh water, place it on your table and admire your beautiful visual display. It is an easy and pretty craft that is definitely worth a try.