About Nassae

Hello there! My name is Lucinda. I am the girl behind Nassae Ithilwen. Born in Hong Kong, I am now living in Australia studying veterinary medicine. I love fragrances, miniatures and food-related art. I have a soft spot for tea. My ridiculous collection of tealeaves would probably last me for many years (but that have not stopped me from buying ;)).

I believe in the beauty of creation. I try to make sure my life is filled with creative moments. I am immensely fascinated with crafting, especially miniature, and hold an interest in illustrations. I am still a beginner in so many things but I am eager to dip my toe and discover their secrets. This is the reason I document my process in my blog; I want to share my discovery with you in the hopes that it will be a source of inspiration to you as well. 

Please be tolerant with my writing as English is my second language. While I try my best to write in good grammar, sometimes mistakes could turn up and lead to a catastrophic disaster. 

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