Quote: Think of All the Beauty Still Left Around You and Be Happy

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Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Painted Rock Paperweight

The papers on my desk always got blown away in the windy seasons. It is disaster discovering my 20+ page notes scattered on the floor when I come home from uni. Imagine the time it takes to reorganise them!

A couple rocks from my backyard are very handy helpers to guard my sheets against the wind. I made one from the beginning of the year with a red heart painted on it with nail polish. Now I am going to bring in 3 additional members to my collection and here is how I dressed-up them.

I have sketched of a couple designs and picked the one which is more minimalistic as the final. And then I drew them onto my rocks using an opaque white marker. The one I used is UNI Paint Marker, but you can use other brands such as Sharpie or even another medium such as acrylic paint.

First draw a simple triangle and fill in the space within. Add a few dots to one side of the triangle and lines to each side of them.
This is my favourite one: It is just an arrangements of dots in different sizes on one corner of a flat rock. Try to work from a small circle and expand it until it reached the desired size.
For the last one I just smeared white paint to one corner of the rock and let dry. The effect is simple but powerful. I reckon it will look even better in liquid gold/gold foil.

Finish them with a protective seal of varnish and they are good to go!

Written Words: Second

Time  Is like sand  If you are Distracted  For a split second  You will discover Your grip  Is too loose Or you have  Hold it too tight  Either way It slips  Through your fingers  Like water  Running down streams. (Just live the moment)

Just live the moment.

There are two ways I handle my deadlines. Either I be a procrastination queen, throwing my tasks to the back of my mind like throwing waste paper into a bin, convincing myself that ignorance is bliss, or I freak out and start to micromanage my time to the minutes, ended up getting nothing done because my plan just lacks flexibility; one delay will cause a domino effect to all the other tasks.
So if you are reading this, please don't try to be me. The only thing this will do is to make you stress. What I am trying to do now is to be more conscious of what I am doing right now. Keep asking yourself whether what you are doing at the moment will lead you closer to your goal. Hopefully, then we can both get something done in the end.

Nonetheless with all the work, we all need some relaxation, right? I just want to share a really embarrassing incident happened to me yesterday. I assume you all know what a four-wheel drive is, but clearly I didn't. I could never manage to remember the car models. When I was told to follow the "four wheel drive" earlier, I got really confused, and responded, "Isn't every car four-wheeled?" My friend just laughed for a whole minute until he told me he was referring to the model of the car. Apparently I have taken it too literally.

I'm such a car idiot.

Life: Currently loving

1. Lominax Fragrance
A simple yet graceful scent that sets up the mood of a good Friday night. It is always a good idea to invest in some room spray or scented candles for a special day, or just to make a day special.

2. White chocolate and Macademia Nuts Cookie (by Apple of My Eye)
White chocolate and macadamia nuts cookie has officially bested my no.1 favourite (triple chocolate) and become my cookie-to-go. Instead of having the intensity of richness and sweetness, these cookies are on a lighter and nuttier side of the cookie spectrum. I love the occasional satisfying crunch the macadamia gives. Nothing too empowering, but the aroma lingers.

3. Sanderson Luxury Bed Linen Lorelei
A new bed sheet that I have bought as I moved into a new room. I like the simple and contemporary look of the design. It adds pattern to the room without screaming for attention, blending perfectly into the furnitures.

Written Words: First

Sometimes I ask myself: If I was not born, and I am yet to be a member in the cosmo, what would happen then? If I am not born into this world, there would be nothing that could cause distress to me, but at a cost of sacrificing the happy moments I could have.

I do not hate life. In fact, I love that it is bumpy once in a while, so that there would be a contrast, to act as a reminder of how much goodness we could get from it. What would happen though, if I was not gifted to this existence. Would I be free?

I wish I could find out myself.

Miniature: New Etsy Listings

I have been spending my time on my miniature work. I'm glad to share my recently listed Etsy items with you. To browse them, please go to my Etsy shop

A sponge cake sandwiched with layers of chocolate cream topped with white icing and decorated with lace and flowers.

A metal alloy hair clip with danish pastry stack garnished with chocolate sauce, cream, and mint leaves.

A ring with berry and cream waffles on a plate.

hair clip bobby pin with an egg, asparagus and bacon toast.

Another hairpin with 3 puff pastries, strawberry, and cream.

two hot dogs with tomato sauce and ketchup on a sterling silver earring post.
Lastly, two hot dogs with tomato sauce and ketchup on a sterling silver earring post.

Apart from these updates, I have been drafting for my future projects. I will show you my sketches soon!