Miniature: Pastries and Tartlets WIP

Giving colours to my new work.

There's a charity book sale in a university near by my place this week, 
I'm so lucky to find some inspirational flower design and cook books there.
Can't wait to use my new ideas for my next project!

Miniature: Floret

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
it's about learning to dance in the rain"

Took a leaping step from miniature food to flowers and jewelleries
Time to start experimenting again :)

Miniature: Pasta

I've been focus on sweets and dessert for my minis for quite a while. 
Thought it would be good to change my taste bud to some savory dishes :D
Like always, I  collect my ideas through my favorite inspirations spaces: Pinterest and Foodgawker.
They are great sites, I highly recommend you to take a look there if you haven't before.

The result of the spaghetti is better then I thought. I piped the pasta into shape with a pipe bag, then add the sauce when dried. 
A little tip : Remember to add some brown and orange to the red tomato sauce for a more realistic colour :) 

For the penne, I first made the pasta with the help of needles. After cutting them, I add some "diced" carrots and sausages to the pasta and mix them together with a ivory clay paste as the sauce.

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Thank you for your time, love you all.

Nassae Ithilwen