Miniature: Macaroons and cakes

Macaroons, cake, creme brulee!
 Mini desserts once more:) I should try different types of food, but I came back to dessert in the end. They have a charm cast in me. The colour, the design of the desserts are just really attractive.
I used the stickers for nail decoration for the lace around the cake. Originally I wanted to use a ribbon, but I did not have one so I used this alternative. 
I have not tried many of the desserts I made in small scale, like the Charlotte cake. They look so pretty! I hope one day I could have a chance to taste all the food I came across while doing research for miniature.
 A huge chocolate fruit cup. 
When this is put in a bowl I bought before, it transformed into fruit salad. I could not tell which one looks better so I guess I'll go with this one.
It took me 6 hours to make 2 miniature bowls of black and raspberries. I got a bit frustrated in the end but the result turn out looked great. I can see those little domes on the berries :D
The sundae cups were better then I thought. Ice cream swirls matched well with the colourful toppings :) 
However, the chocolate cup was a bit too soft, I have to be extra careful when I lift them up. I have broke a few already x_x

Miniature: Bread again!

 Used a kinda clay which has a special grainy texture
It looks pretty good when it is made into buns
Making burgers made me really hyper, love to see the colours layering each other.
Looks attractive to me
Although I'm not a big fan of tomatoes, but I think they look really adorable when they are placed with cabbages or other things green. Perhaps it's because of the contrast? I dunno

Can't exclude baguettes when it comes to bread :)
Hot toasted crispy baguettes <3
 The colour in the photo looks weird. Perhaps I photographed them in a place too dark.
Still, I think it's slightly better then the one I took before. Hope my photography skills will continue getting better each time!