Miniature: Make a clay eclair card stand

Clay Eclair Card Stand - Nassae Ithilwen

How to Make a Clay Eclair Card Stand - Nassae Ithilwen

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Miniature WIP: Planning Page

Most of my miniature creations started with brainstorming and inspirations from Pinterest, and the ideas will be written down on paper, like the one below. I enjoy visualizing through sketching, it helped me to determine what looks nice and what's not, and provided me a list to follow through once I started crafting.

Miniature WIP: Fruit and Veggie Basket

Size of stone board: 5.5cm x 5.5cm

DIY: Washi Tape Twist Ties

I used to use hair ties to prevent cords from tangling, but discovering an interesting twist tie DIY, why not give them a new look.

There are only thin golden twist ties (those used in baked goods decorations) at my home, but to my surprise they were much stronger then I think.

Giving it a twist I used pink and orange fabric tapes on each side of the twist tie. I am quite happy with the result.

How do you organise your computer cords?

Inspired by how to: washi tape twist ties from the Homesteady