Written Words: Fifth

Written Words: Fourth

Sunday Sketch vol.12

Butterfly and Twigs.
It has been a busy year, but I am glad I could still occasionally find some time to sit down and clear my mind with some quiet drawing. Some times sketching doesn't even need any planning –just follow what your hand tells you and you will find your way to what is in your head.

Quote: Kate Spade

"Seize the day and envelop yourself in the promise of something wonderful"

Sunday Sketch vol.11: Flower Girl

"Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breathe is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite." -- D. Antoinette Fay

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Written Words: Third

She throws glitter at her friends to remind them that is how she sees them in her eyes.

She throws glitter at her friends to remind them that is how she sees them in her eyes.

Because each of her friends is beautiful, unique and has an important position in her heart. She couldn't live without any of them.

Sunday Sketch vol.10: The Watercolour and Ink Collection

This collection is a personal project to explore my impression of various colors. 
I washed a layer of watercolor on a piece of paper and let dry. Then I held each piece and reflected on what the painted color reminded me of. I used a black ink pen to draw the object in my mind and decorated my drawings with patterns.

Here are the results.


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Sunday Sketch vol.9: Breakfast and Tea

Watercolor on water-colour paper.

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Sunday Sketch vol.8: Doodling Pages

Sunday Sketch: vol.1 // vol.2 // vol.3 // vol.4 // vol.5 // vol.6 // vol.7 

Sunday Sketch vol.7: The Dancing Girl

Sunday Sketch vol.6: Eyes

Eyes are challenging to draw: Their shape changes when they are at different angles. From the front, they shaped like a tear drop but from the sides they look more like a marquise gem. The orientation of the eyelashes should be drawn with an awareness of its direction, thickness and density.  But all in all, it gets more fun with more practices so the time put in improving your eye drawing skill is worth it.
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Sunday Sketch vol.5: Colour Blocking

Equally meditating as zentangles, with a bonus of being able to learn the names of different colours.
(I used Colleen 60 colours coloured pencils)

Life: Currently Loving

1. Bondi Vet (Television series)
One of my friends recommended this tv series to me and I am hooked to it. This documentary reveals the work of veterinarians, sharing both the interesting and the difficult cases they encountered. Being a vet student, this TV series is a window for me to see what I will be doing in the future, making it even more entertaining. 

2. Once Upon a Time (Season 4)
I love Disney's hit Frozen. When I knew that ABC is going to include this amazing movie in Once Upon a Time I was so thrilled it became tormenting for me to I wait for the new season to come. They have extended the story based upon an old Danish fairytale "The Snow Queen". They have casted the perfect actresses to be Elsa and Anna, and the characters' personalities are kept just like they were from the original movie - which means, yes, Anna is still exceptionally chatty but that is okay - we still love her. 

3. Outlier by Malcom Gladwell
A really intriguing book that talks about what it takes to become successful not only involves hard work and intelligence, but also closely linked with a person's family background, culture and the luck that gives them valuable opportunities. There is also a part where the author discusses the differences in social behaviour could lead to miscommunications among flight crew that in the past, had cost the lives on the whole plane.

Sunday Sketch vol.4: Apples

Drawn from a science magazine on my shelf.

Coloured pencil drawing does require some patience to finish. I am not fully satisfied with my work (I don't think the colour is saturated enough and I had hoped I could hide the direction of the strokes I made when drawing), but I think it's a good start.

2015: A New Year

It is both exciting and scary to enter into a new year: there are so much to look forward to, but there are also so many things that stay in the unknown. Who knows when they will pop up and catch you off guard?

As the years came by, I have learned to carpe diem and take the most out of the time that I have got. 2014 didn't start out well for me, nonetheless I managed to turn my life back into the way I wanted it to be in the end. It sucks to have setbacks, yet they are good pain. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I felt that I have grown to be more mature individual, and I hope have grown a little wiser as well.

Every year since 2011, I have challenged myself to do three things that breaks out of my comfort zone each year. I am glad I have been able to meet my targets very well (I have always achieved more than three every year). This year, I am going to set a more detailed goal on what I am working towards, which I will share with you later.