Tutorial: Pimp your notebook 2

I have a weird fondness for brown notebooks.
 Whenever I see them in a store I have an urge to buy a bunch of them. 
But sometimes, despite the love, they do look a little too plain to be used as an everyday journal.
And so I thought it'd be a fun project to turn some of them into personalized designs.
The first thing came to my mind is this wonderful Kikki K journal that is unfortunately no longer in store.

A good thing is that it looks easily DIY'd.

Here's a quick how-to:

Supplies you will need
1. A plain notepad
2. Colour paper/ Scrapbook paper
3. White paint/ gel pen
4. Scissors
5. Glue

Draft the outline of the design lightly by a pencil

Decide your colour combination.

If you are stuck in deciding the colours, try brainstorming at colour palette websites.
(I like Design Seeds and Colourlovers, check them out! :)

My final decision is white, green and orange to go with the yellow border.


Drawing the patterns: 
This seems to be the hardest part, but it will get much easier when you do it, I promise.
Guided by your draft, use your gel pen/ paint brush to draw a variety of lines on each row.
It needs a little patience to complete the pattern, but once its done you will know it's worth it :)
Erase the draft borders once the paint is dried.
Almost done! Remember the colour papers we prepared from the start? 
Now it's time to cut them out and stick them onto your notebook.
Put on a protective glaze and it is finished!

This design can also be used on hand-bind cereal box notepads.
Modify the design as much as you like, Get Wild :D

Have fun Crafting!

Miniature: Fruit Pancake

Anything looks so cheery when added with fruits. I love making pancakes and I am planning to make more in the future.

Inspiration: Link Love

Obsessed with the website Design Seeds recently.

Wonderful color palettes, don't you think?
Check out Design Seeds: For All Who Love Color for more pretty colour themes!

Have a nice and pleasant day,
xoxo Nassae

Tutorial: How to Sculpt a Strawberry

Strawberry is one of the most popular fruits being used in miniature. However, it is to me one of the hardest fruit to master. It took me sometime to figure out how to draw the cross section of a strawberry well.

I'd like to share with you a summary of what I've learned so far:

Click here for a full view

A New Start WIP

  A sneak peek of what I've been working on these few days.
Cakes are old work, waiting for revamping and re-garnishments :)


Miniature: Back to crafting

The busiest period of the year is over, which means I'm back to crafting! :)
Going to fill these tarts, pancakes and Mont blanc I made.
More work will be coming soon! 
Also: A doodle of a bird I drew last week