Miniature: Pasta

I've been focus on sweets and dessert for my minis for quite a while. 
Thought it would be good to change my taste bud to some savory dishes :D
Like always, I  collect my ideas through my favorite inspirations spaces: Pinterest and Foodgawker.
They are great sites, I highly recommend you to take a look there if you haven't before.

The result of the spaghetti is better then I thought. I piped the pasta into shape with a pipe bag, then add the sauce when dried. 
A little tip : Remember to add some brown and orange to the red tomato sauce for a more realistic colour :) 

For the penne, I first made the pasta with the help of needles. After cutting them, I add some "diced" carrots and sausages to the pasta and mix them together with a ivory clay paste as the sauce.

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