Sunday Sketch vol.1: Watercolour Floral Painting

I'm happy to announce that I have survived the first year of uni! This is a busy year but I have learned a lot about animal science and biology. It is fun to have those random facts I heard from the lectures pop up from my mind while shopping for cotton sweaters, or soaps, or eggs. (I know, it is all very random.) Now I am back home, I am excited to use this months-long summer holiday for crafting, drawing or maybe even some cooking. 

The soft, elegant and dreamy properties of watercolour have always attracted my interest. I have tried it out today and what a better way to share my process with you. Hope this will become an inspiration for you. 

First, draw the outline of the flowers with a light pencil, then fill in the space with a light wash of colour. Add another of a darker colour until the expected colour is reached. I do not have a watercolour palette so I used watercolour pencils instead.

Click here to view the step-by-step guide in full size.

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