Kikki K Mindfulness Postcards

Cotman watercolor on Kikki K postcards

I saw these lovely Kikki K mindfulness Postcards a while ago, I didn't have time to paint them until later this year. I took the chance to test out a new Cotman watercolor set (by Winsor and Newton) and experimented how I can mix the 12 colors provided into the colors I want. The one I am most happy with is the gray color created by mixing phthalo blue and burnt umber. I have not learned color theory, but after painting 8 of these postcards, I understand its importance! 

Having poor visualizations and no idea how to choose a good hue to color-in, I was hesitant at the beginning whether I will enjoy it. For me, the hardest step sure is to start doing something. I guess it is because I have no idea how it will turn out, and the unknown deters me from taking action. But then what will be the worst outcome? I don't think wasting a postcard is a serious consequence and so I just went ahead, and just as what I predicted, the result is usually pleasant. I have no idea what I am scared about. Now I know that my worries are not necessary and I am looking forward to completing all the postcards. 


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