Miniature: Bread again!

 Used a kinda clay which has a special grainy texture
It looks pretty good when it is made into buns
Making burgers made me really hyper, love to see the colours layering each other.
Looks attractive to me
Although I'm not a big fan of tomatoes, but I think they look really adorable when they are placed with cabbages or other things green. Perhaps it's because of the contrast? I dunno

Can't exclude baguettes when it comes to bread :)
Hot toasted crispy baguettes <3
 The colour in the photo looks weird. Perhaps I photographed them in a place too dark.
Still, I think it's slightly better then the one I took before. Hope my photography skills will continue getting better each time!

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  1. oooooh how cute! yes, you will get better once you practice with the photography, do you use a lightbox? i gave up after building 3 semi-unsuccessful ones, and now take my photos in daylight next to the window. less frustrating that way heh

    love your progress so far, kyaa kawaii~~!