Miniature: Macaroons and cakes

Macaroons, cake, creme brulee!
 Mini desserts once more:) I should try different types of food, but I came back to dessert in the end. They have a charm cast in me. The colour, the design of the desserts are just really attractive.
I used the stickers for nail decoration for the lace around the cake. Originally I wanted to use a ribbon, but I did not have one so I used this alternative. 
I have not tried many of the desserts I made in small scale, like the Charlotte cake. They look so pretty! I hope one day I could have a chance to taste all the food I came across while doing research for miniature.
 A huge chocolate fruit cup. 
When this is put in a bowl I bought before, it transformed into fruit salad. I could not tell which one looks better so I guess I'll go with this one.
It took me 6 hours to make 2 miniature bowls of black and raspberries. I got a bit frustrated in the end but the result turn out looked great. I can see those little domes on the berries :D
The sundae cups were better then I thought. Ice cream swirls matched well with the colourful toppings :) 
However, the chocolate cup was a bit too soft, I have to be extra careful when I lift them up. I have broke a few already x_x

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