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Currently loving Realliving magazine T2 Birdy Nassae Ithilwen
1. Real Living Magazine October 2014
I rarely able to read a magazine from front to end, but this is one of the rare exceptions. The beautiful pastel-themed cover caught my eye while I was grabbing my groceries in the supermarket. Flipping through the pages, I find it so divine that I bought it immediately, and I'm glad I did.

If you love Earl Grey, this is the ultimate version you can look for. With the extra scent of flower blossoms and citrus, the elegant smell is pleasantly invigorating. The moment you start pouring water over the tea leaves, you will find yourself in Utopia.

3. Birdy
I love her dreamy voice. Her album makes really good study music. Birdy's covers are smooth and soft, just like the calming sound of raindrops dripping at the window while cuddling in bed. My personal favourite is her exquisite People Help The People.

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