Quote: Life Is Too Short Not to Enjoy It

I am pretty sure life gets chaotic once in a while; you know, when things just pops up out of the blue at the worst time, leaving you running around going crazy trying to get things in control.

Earlier this week, my computer broken down along with all my lecture notes three days before an important mid-semester exam. Panicking, I rushed to the Apple Store for repair (the brilliant Genius checked out that my hard drive cable has malfunctioned) so I could get it back as soon as possible. I would have decided to call this a bad week, but then thinking so would not make my problem disappears. On the bright side, going to city means that I can go to my favourite tea shop and relax with a sample of tea, while waiting for something that cannot be pushed ahead. It is after all the state of mind. If there is a choice, why not enjoy it?

I have picked these wild flowers and plants last year at autumn. This photo I took always brings me back the memory of that fine day, when the flora are full of colours. I have added a quote and made it a desktop background wallpaper.

Hope this will be a warm reminder for you to take pleasure of the things in life :)

Download your wallpaper here.

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