Life: Currently Loving

1. Bondi Vet (Television series)
One of my friends recommended this tv series to me and I am hooked to it. This documentary reveals the work of veterinarians, sharing both the interesting and the difficult cases they encountered. Being a vet student, this TV series is a window for me to see what I will be doing in the future, making it even more entertaining. 

2. Once Upon a Time (Season 4)
I love Disney's hit Frozen. When I knew that ABC is going to include this amazing movie in Once Upon a Time I was so thrilled it became tormenting for me to I wait for the new season to come. They have extended the story based upon an old Danish fairytale "The Snow Queen". They have casted the perfect actresses to be Elsa and Anna, and the characters' personalities are kept just like they were from the original movie - which means, yes, Anna is still exceptionally chatty but that is okay - we still love her. 

3. Outlier by Malcom Gladwell
A really intriguing book that talks about what it takes to become successful not only involves hard work and intelligence, but also closely linked with a person's family background, culture and the luck that gives them valuable opportunities. There is also a part where the author discusses the differences in social behaviour could lead to miscommunications among flight crew that in the past, had cost the lives on the whole plane.

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