Written Words: Second

Time  Is like sand  If you are Distracted  For a split second  You will discover Your grip  Is too loose Or you have  Hold it too tight  Either way It slips  Through your fingers  Like water  Running down streams. (Just live the moment)

Just live the moment.

There are two ways I handle my deadlines. Either I be a procrastination queen, throwing my tasks to the back of my mind like throwing waste paper into a bin, convincing myself that ignorance is bliss, or I freak out and start to micromanage my time to the minutes, ended up getting nothing done because my plan just lacks flexibility; one delay will cause a domino effect to all the other tasks.
So if you are reading this, please don't try to be me. The only thing this will do is to make you stress. What I am trying to do now is to be more conscious of what I am doing right now. Keep asking yourself whether what you are doing at the moment will lead you closer to your goal. Hopefully, then we can both get something done in the end.

Nonetheless with all the work, we all need some relaxation, right? I just want to share a really embarrassing incident happened to me yesterday. I assume you all know what a four-wheel drive is, but clearly I didn't. I could never manage to remember the car models. When I was told to follow the "four wheel drive" earlier, I got really confused, and responded, "Isn't every car four-wheeled?" My friend just laughed for a whole minute until he told me he was referring to the model of the car. Apparently I have taken it too literally.

I'm such a car idiot.