Miniature: New Etsy Listings

I have been spending my time on my miniature work. I'm glad to share my recently listed Etsy items with you. To browse them, please go to my Etsy shop

A sponge cake sandwiched with layers of chocolate cream topped with white icing and decorated with lace and flowers.

A metal alloy hair clip with danish pastry stack garnished with chocolate sauce, cream, and mint leaves.

A ring with berry and cream waffles on a plate.

hair clip bobby pin with an egg, asparagus and bacon toast.

Another hairpin with 3 puff pastries, strawberry, and cream.

two hot dogs with tomato sauce and ketchup on a sterling silver earring post.
Lastly, two hot dogs with tomato sauce and ketchup on a sterling silver earring post.

Apart from these updates, I have been drafting for my future projects. I will show you my sketches soon!

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