Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Painted Rock Paperweight

The papers on my desk always got blown away in the windy seasons. It is disaster discovering my 20+ page notes scattered on the floor when I come home from uni. Imagine the time it takes to reorganise them!

A couple rocks from my backyard are very handy helpers to guard my sheets against the wind. I made one from the beginning of the year with a red heart painted on it with nail polish. Now I am going to bring in 3 additional members to my collection and here is how I dressed-up them.

I have sketched of a couple designs and picked the one which is more minimalistic as the final. And then I drew them onto my rocks using an opaque white marker. The one I used is UNI Paint Marker, but you can use other brands such as Sharpie or even another medium such as acrylic paint.

First draw a simple triangle and fill in the space within. Add a few dots to one side of the triangle and lines to each side of them.
This is my favourite one: It is just an arrangements of dots in different sizes on one corner of a flat rock. Try to work from a small circle and expand it until it reached the desired size.
For the last one I just smeared white paint to one corner of the rock and let dry. The effect is simple but powerful. I reckon it will look even better in liquid gold/gold foil.

Finish them with a protective seal of varnish and they are good to go!

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