Life: Currently loving

1. Lominax Fragrance
A simple yet graceful scent that sets up the mood of a good Friday night. It is always a good idea to invest in some room spray or scented candles for a special day, or just to make a day special.

2. White chocolate and Macademia Nuts Cookie (by Apple of My Eye)
White chocolate and macadamia nuts cookie has officially bested my no.1 favourite (triple chocolate) and become my cookie-to-go. Instead of having the intensity of richness and sweetness, these cookies are on a lighter and nuttier side of the cookie spectrum. I love the occasional satisfying crunch the macadamia gives. Nothing too empowering, but the aroma lingers.

3. Sanderson Luxury Bed Linen Lorelei
A new bed sheet that I have bought as I moved into a new room. I like the simple and contemporary look of the design. It adds pattern to the room without screaming for attention, blending perfectly into the furnitures.

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